The Gangster's Daughter



Teenager Shao Wu (Ally Chiu) is fiercely independent. Her father Kei Go (Jack Kao) is a Taipei-based gangster who operates protection rackets, illegal gambling dens, and shady hostess bars. He left Shao Wu and her mother alone many years ago on a small island, a home to fearsome snakes that she, somehow, has never been scared of. After the death of her mother, Shao Wu is left with her only her grandmother to look after her. Shao Wu’s fearlessness has landed her in trouble of late, though – standing up to male school bullies and the like has landed her in hot water at school. Facing suspension (or worse) from school, she instead begrudgingly agrees to go to start anew, moving to Taipei to live with her father. Kei Go is happy to be reunited with his daughter, but refuses to change his lifestyle. Gradually, she gets to know more about her father, his work, his friends, and even his girlfriend… Can the father-and-daughter duo learn to put the past behind them and create a new, happier life in Taipei? “The Gangster’s Daughter” is a 2017 Taiwanese movie that was directed by Chen Mei Juin.