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As the festive spirit of the new year fades, the village of Hujiazhuang finds itself caught between the unusually wavering bouts of cold and warm weather. Unfazed by the unusual weather, the young and cheerful Luo Chuan (Jiang Peng) cares for only one thing: his love of the lion dance. With dreams of becoming the world’s greatest lion dancer, but possessing very little skill, most of the villagers consider Luo Chuan to be mostly harmless, though perhaps a bit reckless. But the village chief, Hu Changli, sees him as a constant threat to the village’s safety, as his skills as a dancer couldn’t possibly keep a hungry Nian away. When the Nian Beast, Xiao Wu accidentally descends into the human world, he crashes right into the heart of Hujiazhuang Village. Stealing the village’s precious heirloom, the revered lion head, quite by accident, Hu Changli declares that Luo Chuan must hunt down the beast and bring it back. Unable to go against the village chief’s command, Luo Chuan sets out in search of the beast. But he’s not the only one who has been sent to track down Xiao Wu. Entering the human world, the rat immortal, A Xi (Lu Yan), is determined to hunt down the Nian and return him to his proper realm. Meeting along their journeys, Luo Chuan and Xi agree to work together to find Wu. But there’s more to their journey than simply tracking down a rogue beast. Uncovering a plot that could destroy the Nian, Luo Chuan and Xi put their lives on the line to save countless innocents from the clutches of a villainous demon. An action-packed fantasy adventure, “Nian” is a 2020 comedy fantasy adventure film directed by Liu Hongzhi.