Tears of No Regret

The Death of The Monkey King
Tears of No Regret
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Tears of No Regret


After being bewitched by a resentful spirit, the great Monkey King, Sun Wu Kong (Pakho Chau), becomes known far and wide as an undefeatable warrior. Unmatched in any fight, the Monkey King becomes known by all as the powerful Winning Buddha. Despite his intimidating title, there are those who still dare to oppose him, the most powerful being the monk, Tang Sanzang (Xu Shengnan). Knowing the Monkey King has been possessed, Sanzang feels it is his duty to defeat the vile spirit within, no matter the cost.  Confronting the Monkey King, Sanzang and Wu Kong soon find themselves engaged in a fierce fight. Despite his best efforts, Sanzang is dealt a terrible blow. But before Wu Kong can deal his final blow, the spirit of resentment residing within him is revealed. Suddenly confronted by a fallen goddess of heaven and earth, who for three hundred years has tied her dark fate to Wu Kong’s, the Monkey King finds himself consumed not by resentment but overwhelming curiosity.  Determined to uncover the mystery behind the goddess Lucky Star’s (Zhang Xin Yu) demonic transformation and save the wounded monk, the Monkey King sets out on a journey to the past that could change his life forever. A tale of excitement and woe, “Tears of No Regret” is a 2020 fantasy adventure film directed by Zhong Zhixing.