Okay Madam

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The owner of a kkwabaegi shop nestled in the heart of a traditional open market, Mi Young (Uhm Jung Hwa) is just like so many other women her age. A hardworking shop owner, devoted wife, and loving mother, she has dedicated her life to taking care of her family; and for the most part, she enjoys the day-in-day-out hustle and bustle of her life. Though she has to admit, there are times when she finds herself thinking about how nice it would be to be able to enjoy a nice family vacation. Almost as if the universe could hear her innermost thoughts, her husband, Seok Hwan (Park Sung Woong), comes home one day, excited to announce that he has won an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii. Thrilled beyond words, the happy family soon sets off on their very first international trip together. But the moment they board their plane, things begin to go terribly wrong.  Trapped on a plane with a group of terrorists, the passengers soon find themselves held hostage, their fates grim. But Mi Young and Seok Hwan aren’t about to let their first real vacation end in disaster. Taking matters into their own hands, the couple are determined to do everything they can to rescue their fellow passengers and take back their vacation. But what chance does a donut shop owner and a computer repairman have against a group of deadly terrorists? A high-flying comedic adventure, “Okay Madam” is a 2020 action comedy film directed by Lee Chul Ha.