Steel Rain 2

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War games threaten to turn deadly after political skullduggery by international political extremists threatens to plunge the entire East Asian region into a catastrophic war. With the United States president Willis Chatman Smoot (Angus Macfadyen) insistent that the South Korean president Han Kyeong Jae (Jung Woo Sung) agrees to let his country’s military take part in military exercises, the latter finds himself in a quandary, with Chinese officials warning him to refrain. But at a summit with North Korean leader Jo Seon Sa (Yoo Yeon Seok), the three political leaders are taken captive while the head of the North Korean military attempts to seize power in a coup. The three men find themselves kidnapped and aboard a North Korean nuclear submarine. Political chaos threatens to break loose – and the East Asian nations, as well as the United States, find themselves edging toward the brink of nuclear war. Can the leaders escape – and foil the plans of the warmongers threatening to engulf the world in a devastating nuclear conflict? “Steel Rain 2” is a 2020 South Korean movie that was directed by Yang Woo Suk.