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With no goals, dreams, or ambition in life, Xia Zhi (Xiao Shen Yang) is a man creeping dangerously close to middle-age, who has absolutely nothing worthwhile to show for his life. Good at only two things, drinking and bragging, Xia Zhi has spent his entire life spinning tall-tales, which no one believes. With no job and no obligations, he spends his days loafing around the restaurant run by his girlfriend, Xiao Xue (Ivy Chen), telling stories everyone hears but no one believes.  As harmless as Xia Zhi’s boasting may seem, things take an unexpected turn when members of a criminal organization happen to overhear one of his wild tales. Believing his tale of a kidnapping to be related to their own nefarious activity, the crime lord, Hu Qing Mu (Andrew Lin), orders his men to silence Xia Zhi before he causes them any more trouble. With a bounty on his head, Xia Zhi finds himself running for his life; but every time he tries to ask the police for help, no one will believe him. Having cried wolf one too many times, Xia Zhi must now find a way to outsmart the bounty hunters long enough to prove his story is true. But will he find the evidence he needs before it’s too late? A tale of twisted truths and lies, “Really!!!” is an exciting 2018 action comedy film directed by Yiwei Liu.