Run for Love

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After reading about Japan in letters from her ex, Su Le Qi (Zhang Zi Yi) decided to explore the wonders of the country on her own. While there, she meets Feng Yu Jian (Eddie Peng), an apprentice chef who offers to show her around Hokkaido. What unexpected discovery Su Le Qi makes along the way will change her life forever. A family vacation in Turkey sounds like a fantastic way for Tang Jing (Liang Jing) and Zhou Hong Yi (Zhang Yi) to spend time together. But when their five-year-old daughter gets lots in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, their dream vacation turns into a nightmare. As the couple frantically searches for their daughter, the underlying problems in their marriage begin to come to light. After dealing with such trauma, will their lives ever be the same? Having married Lu Jie (Wang Qian Yuan) for a green card, Chicago resident Guan Yue (MoMo Wu) has spent her entire life without knowing true love. When she learns she hasn’t much time left, she convinces her husband to join her on a 2,300 mile trek along historic Route 66. Little does the couple know that this cross-country trip will have lasting effects on them both. Working as a nurse in Norway, Lily (Michelle Chen) hasn’t been able to visit home in five years. Having settled comfortably in the town of Rjukan, Lily finds herself falling for Andrews (Sebastian Stiger), a local lawyer with a kind heart. When one of Lily’s patients makes a dying wish to see the sun amidst the perpetual darkness of Rjukan’s winter, Lily and Andrews decide to find a way to make this one last wish come true. Living in Saipan, actress Ye Lan (Tong Li Ya) has tried desperately to escape the memories of her tragic past, but to no avail. When fate brings Bai Qie Zi (Zhou Dong Yu), a mysterious young woman with an uncanny knowledge of Ye Lan’s past, into her life, things take an unexpected turn. Will she take this opportunity to face her past or will she try to outrun it once again? A collection of love stories from all walks of life, “Run For Love” is a 2016 romance anthology film directed by Zhang Yi Bai, Guan Hu, Zhang Meng, Teng Hua Tao, and Gao Qun Shu.