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To Il (Krystal Jung) didn’t have the happiest of childhoods. At the age of five, her mother remarried, forcing To Il to leave the only home she had ever known. Uprooted from Daegu, To Il had no choice but to start a new life, with a new father, in a new city. While adjusting to life in Seoul took time, To Il eventually came to accept the new and things slowly settled into place.  Now a university student, To Il is starting to create a life of her own. Working as a private tutor, to help pay her way through school, To Il is happy with the way her life has turned out. But things take an unexpected turn when she finds herself falling for Ho Hoon (Shin Jae Hwi), a nineteen year old boy who just happens to be one of her tutoring students. As if falling for one of her students didn’t make life complicated enough, it doesn’t take To Il long to discover that she is pregnant with Ho Hoon’s child. Keeping her pregnancy a secret for a long as possible, To Il eventually has to tell her mother and stepfather the truth. Their less-than-happy reaction to the news convinces To Il her only option is to set out in search of her birth father. While she searches for a man she barely remembers, Ho Hoon disappears, leaving To Il’s stepfather no choice but to set out in search of him. With so many searches happening at once, will To Il be able to find that for which she’s been most desperately searching? “More Than Family” is a 2020 family comedy film directed by Choi Ha Na.