Make a Bow and Kiss

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Since first picking up a bow in middle school, An Kishimoto (Elaiza Ikeda) has been in love with kyudo, or the Japanese martial art of archery. Having devoted herself to the study of the art for the past six years, An has grown into quite the proficient. Now in her final year of high school, An realizes that it’s time to find someone talented enough to take her place as the president of her school’s kyudo club. But who? Though there are several talented members of the school’s club, none can compare to the raw talent of Youta Mikami (Masaki Nakao). Though he has rarely lost in competition, Youta shows no real enthusiasm for either the art itself, nor the club; leaving An to wonder if he’s really the best choice for such an important position. Despite her reservations, An eventually decides to name Youta as her successor but as soon as she does, things get… interesting. Showing an unexpected interest in An, Youta takes it upon himself to sweep the resigning president off her feet. Does An really have time for love when her high school career is quickly coming to an end? Based on the manga of the same name by Yakko Kaga, “Make a Bow and Kiss” is a 2017 romantic high school film directed by Takeshi Furusawa.