The Black Devil and the White Prince

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When her father’s work suddenly transfers him, Yu Akahane (Nana Komatsu) finds herself forced to move into one of the school dormitories. Excited to be living in the same dorm as the school’s “White Prince'', Shirakawa Takumi (Yudai Chiba), Yu can’t wait to move in. With a head full of dreams of the kind Shirakawa sweeping her off her feet, Yu tries to settle into her new home quickly. But all her hopes of a happy dorm life are squashed, the moment she meets Haruto Kurosaki (Kento Nakajima). Known at school as the “Black Devil”, Haruto is anything but nice. A bully through and through, Haruto not only steals Yu’s first kiss, but also demands that she become his slave. Unable to escape Haruto’s cruelty, Yu’s only glimmers of light come from the shining White Prince, who has taken a keen interest in her; especially now that Haruto has made his intentions towards her clear. Driven by curiosity, more than anything, Shirakawa begins to pay more attention to Yu, helping her as she suffers under Haruto’s bullying. The more time Shirakawa spends with Yu, the more he begins to realize that she has inadvertently captured his heart. Caught between the Black Devil and the White Prince, Yu isn’t sure which way to turn. Struggling to unravel the mysteries of her own heart, she begins to wonder which is better to follow, the heart or the mind? Based on the manga “Defying Kurosaki-kun” by Makino, “The Black Devil and the White Prince” is a 2016 high school romance film directed by Sho Tsukikawa.