L-DK: Two Loves, Under One Roof

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After her parents announce that they’re moving, Aoi Nishimori (Mone Kamishiraishi) is quick to convince them to let her stay behind. Agreeing to her request, Aoi finds an apartment close to school and is soon comfortably settled. Happy with her new home, Aoi has no idea that her school’s “prince” Shusei Kugayama (Yosuke Sugino), is now her new neighbor.  The one boy at school that every girl loves, Shusei Kugayama is immensely popular, despite the fact that he has rejected every declaration of love that he has ever received. Knowing the odds, Aoi’s best friend, Moe Shibuya (Sara Takatsuki) decides to confess her feelings to Shusei and is promptly rejected. Indignant on her friend’s behalf, Aoi refuses to feel anything for Shusei but contempt. But when her princely neighbor’s apartment is damaged in a fire, her sympathetic heart wins out. Feeling sorry for Shusei, Aoi invites him to stay with her while his place is repaired. Keeping her new roommate secret is hard enough but when she realizes she’s started to fall for her handsome house mate, “difficult” takes on a whole new meaning. To make matters worse, her cousin, Reon Kugayama (Ryusei Yokohama) has discovered her secret and insists on moving in. Now living with two handsome boys, Aoi has to wonder if her life will ever be normal again! Based on the manga series, "L•DK" by Ayu Watanabe, “L-DK: Two Loves, Under One Roof” is a 2019 romantic comedy film directed by Taisuke Kawamura.