Pumpkin and Mayonnaise

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Tsuchida (Asami Usuda) lives with her boyfriend Seiichi (Taiga Nakano) in a humble home, enjoying their often mundane but love-filled lives together. He is a budding musician, but suddenly finds himself at an unexpected crossroads, unable to channel his energy into writing new songs. Meanwhile, Tsuchida has been left with the unenviable job of finding the money to pay the bills – so has taken to working in a hostess bar to make ends meet while her jobless boyfriend mopes at home. But when he discovers what she really does for a living – and learns that she has possibly slept with one of her clients – Seiichi resolves to find work. He lands a soulless cleaning job, which drives him further into sorrow. And to complicate matters further, Tsuchida’s old flame Hagio(Joe Odagiri) returns to the scene – and reveals that he wants her to be his girlfriend again. Who will win the tug-of-war for Tsuchida’s heart? This movie was based on a manga series of the same name by artist Kiriko Nananan. “Pumpkin and Mayonnaise” is a 2017 Japanese film that was adapted for the screen and directed by Tominaga Masanori.