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A brilliant captain of the Ministry of Transport’s China Rescue & Salvage, Gao Qian (Eddie Peng) is a hero among heroes. A truly fearless leader, Captain Gao has made a name for himself as a man who rallies in the face of danger and has an unshakable dedication to both country and the mission. As a single father, Captain Gao is painfully aware that one wrong move on a mission could leave his son an orphan, but even that can’t stop him from going out of his way to save those in dire need. After an intense mission on a drilling platform forces one of his pilots into early retirement, Captain Gao is introduced to his newest team member, a replacement pilot by the name of Fang Yu Ling (Xin Zhi Lei). The daughter of a former pilot, Yu Ling is determined to make her father proud by following in his footsteps. But life as a China Rescue & Salvage member isn’t easy and each mission takes its toll, both physically and mentally.  Constantly deployed to deal with catastrophes, both manmade and natural, Captain Gao and his team are repeatedly required to put their lives on the line. A sacrifice that, despite everything, each is willing to make. But just how long can a hero remain strong when they’re constantly pushed to their limits? A high-stakes thrill ride with unexpected heart, “The Rescue” is a 2020 action film directed by Dante Lam.