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 Back at junior school, Gao Si Lin (Hou Ming Hao), Guo Si Jia (Gai Yue Xi), and Zhang Zi Yang (Peng Yu Chang) became friends in a bid to collectively escape bullying. They managed to get into the same high school, where they became even firmer friends. Gao Si Lin has become a model student, talented in almost every respect, while Guo Si Jia has become a beautiful – but tough and no-nonsense young woman with hopes of studying in Beijing. Zhang Zi Yang, meanwhile, is still being tormented by bullies and lives in fear of his domineering father – the stuffy dean of a major college. Zhang Zi Yang has also developed a crush on Guo Si Jia. But it appears that Gao Si Lin is the one she truly feels affection for. After a quarrel between the two male students, Zhang Zi Yang pushes Gao Si Lin, who falls and suffers a brain injury that affects his memory and causes him to develop a reading disorder that turns him from a straight-A student to a lowly waiter. As their high school days draw to a close, the guilt-ridden Zhang Zi Yang does a volte-face – and turns into a rebellious rock group leader, enlisting his former bullies as bandmates. But when he appears to commit suicide on his 18th birthday, his two friends realize that something is amiss – and that their buddy may have actually become a time traveler... “Over Again” is a 2019 Chinese movie that was directed by Hua Ming.