The Enchanting Phantom

A Chinese Ghost Story


Nie Xiao Qian (Eleanor Lee) is part of a group of female ghosts who are bound to serve a cruel spirit that feeds on the souls of men. The siren-like ghosts bring men to their haunted liar, ply them with alcohol, seduce them – and then let the spirit feast on their souls. But Nie Xiao Qian didn’t figure on meeting a man like the bumbling, but pure-hearted apprentice scholar Ning Cai Chen (Chen Xing Xu). This man is forced to spend the night at an abandoned temple on his way to take an important exam. At first, she plans to seduce him and offer his soul up to the spirit, but is eventually taken in by his quirky charms. Eventually, Ning Cai Chen learns who she really is – and discovers that the spirit is planning to marry her off to an evil demon. He starts to fall in love with her, and resolves to save her from this terrible fate! This movie is adapted from a novel by Pu Song Ling, which also spawned a 1987 Hong Kong movie version. “The Enchanting Phantom” is a 2020 Chinese movie that was directed by Lin Zhen Zhao.