The Name

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Born with the world at her feet, Seo Ri Ae (Jun So Min) was a woman who had everything. The daughter of a well known and highly respected museum director, Ri Ae spent her life surrounded by art. Constantly in awe of the works of beauty around her, Ri Ae’s greatest dream in life was to become an accomplished artist. Sadly, her artistic talent could never live up to the expectations placed on her by both her mother and herself. Frustrated by her work, Ri Ae was on the verge of giving up when fate brought Mo Cheol Woo (Choi Jung Won) into her life. An incredibly gifted artist without an ounce of luck, Cheol Woo has struggled for years to have his work noticed. After meeting Ri Ae by chance, Cheol Woo sees an opportunity to change his fate and snatches it. Agreeing to let Ri Ae sign her name to his work, both of their lives take a dramatic turn. As fate brings the two artists closer together, they begin to realize they have been missing out of some of life’s greatest treasures.  Working with Cheol Woo, Ri Ae learns to put aside her vanity while Cheol Woo finds a hope he’s never had. Drawing ever closer, the two find an unexpected love, but how long can their happiness last when it’s built on a foundation of lies? A story of hope and dreams, “The Name” is a 2020 romantic film directed by Heo Dong Woo.