Art of Loving



With a great job, a supportive family, and a loving, long-time boyfriend, Na Rin (Han Hae Rin) couldn't ask for a better life. Impossibly happy in her relationship with Eun Chan (Kim Jung Hoon), Na Rin is excited by the prospect of sharing every major moment and milestone in life, together. Convinced no two people could be more perfectly suited to growing old together, Na Rin is shaken to her core the day Eun Chan tells her it’s over. With her world suddenly crumbling around her, Na Rin desperately tries to hold onto the pieces of the life she once had. Convinced that Eun Chan’s feelings will return, if given enough time, she convinces him to give her a one-month grace period. If after a month, his feelings remain unchanged, then they will call things quits for good. But should they return… Determined to make this month count, Na Rin sets out to win back Eun Chan’s heart but is soon sidetracked by a new project at work. As she dives into the “History of Love” Na Rin begins to see her breakup in a whole new light. Will this new illumination give her the strength to move on, or will it prompt her to work even harder to get Eun Chan back? A story of love and letting go, “Art of Loving” is a 2020 romantic melodrama film directed by Lee Gun Woo.