Supporting Mom's Affair

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A notorious playboy, Ye Ri’s father, Byeong Cheol (Yoo Byung Sun), may have agreed to marry her mother, In Sook (Choi Sol Hee), all those years ago, but he has never once been faithful to her. To make matters worse, he not only has affairs with other women, but he’s even gone so far as to marry some of them in secret as well. After years of watching her mother suffer at the cruel hands of her unfaithful husband, Ye Ri (Lee In Young) decides it’s time to take matters into her own hands. Convinced the only way to help her mother is by getting her to have an affair of her own, Ye Ri tries to get her mother to do just that. But no matter how hard Ye Ri tries, she just can’t get her mom to agree. Knowing having an affair of her own would only make matters worse, In Sook just can’t let herself fall for another man. But when Byeong Cheol comes to her, begging her to let him go, things take a much more interesting turn. Seeing this as her moment, Ye Ri takes it upon herself to find her mom a new boyfriend. With that goal in mind, she begins interviewing potential prospects but is any man out there really good enough for her mom? Following the escapades of one determined daughter, “Supporting Mom’s Affair” is a 2020 comedy film directed by Yoon Won Gyoo.