60 days of Summer



Lee Dong Il (Jang Gwang) is a septuagenarian who lives on his own and is thoroughly enjoying his old age. With plenty of free time on his hands, he has hobbies aplenty and a busy social life. But one day, his son comes by to request that Lee Dong Il temporarily look after his teenage grandson Lee Jae Hoon (Yeon Jun Suk), while the former goes overseas to remarry. The elderly man very begrudgingly agrees, and Lee Jae Hoon, who would prefer to spend his days lazing around, is no fan of the idea either. The two soon begin to get on each other’s nerves and butt heads on more than one occasion. But when a mysterious crime wave begins to shale up the area – targetting pensioners – the duo decides to pool their wits and get to the bottom of the matter. In the meantime, they must also work to shore up their relationship. But as they start to work together, they start to realize that they have a lot more in common than they once thought. “60 Days of Summer” is a 2018 South Korean movie that was directed by Kim Hee Young.