A Way Station



Seven years ago, Baek Seung Hyun (Kim Dong Jun) found himself falling for a lovely young lady by the name of Han Ji Ah (Kim Jaekyung). Despite the fact that the two were able to share a sweet young love, they never really had a chance to take their relationship any further. Drifting apart, rather than together, Seung Hyun and Ji Ah shared a beautiful moment together before walking out of each other’s lives for good. Recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, Seung Hyun is now a man struggling to hold onto the memories he holds most dear. As the memories of his time with Ji Ah begin to fade, fate steps in, in the most unexpected way. Bringing Seung Hyun and Ji Ah together once more, the two have a chance to rekindle their long-lost love. But the time they have together is short.  Living with a terminal illness, Ji Ah knows her time with Seung Hyun is limited but the knowledge only serves to make their time together that much sweeter. Cherishing every moment, the two are determined to make the time they have together unforgettable. A heartwarming love story, “A Way Station” is a 2021 romantic melodramatic film directed by Kim Jung Min.