Double Patty



Viki is excited to bring you access to the latest movies! In order to serve you more new releases, some movies are currently available for rental only. Growing up, Kang Woo Ram (Shin Seung Ho) had only one dream: to become a traditional Korean wrestler. At twenty-one, Woo Ram is poised to make that dream come true, but the death of his mentor has shaken him to his core. No longer certain of anything in life, Woo Ram spends his days aimlessly wandering through life, taking jobs here and there, just to get by. The longer Woo Ram spends away from the ring, the worse things get, but his heart just isn’t in fighting anymore. The only comfort Woo Ram finds in life is the simple pleasure that comes from a good meal. A true lover of food, Woo Ram is happiest when he’s eating. From traditional Korean fare to foreign cuisine, fine dining to convenience store snacks, Woo Ram loves it all. Ever on the lookout for a tasty bite, Woo Ram finds himself wandering into a homemade hamburger restaurant one fateful evening, completely unaware that a simple double patty hamburger would change his life forever.  Instantly hitting it off with Lee Hyun Ji (Irene), an aspiring news anchor who works hard at the restaurant to make ends meet, the two find themselves slowly drawing closer together. As their relationship grows, so too does their confidence, strength, and determination. Inspired by each other, Woo Ram and Hyung Ji set out once more, determined to make their dreams come true. A story of hope and dreams, “Double Patty” is a 2021 dramatic film directed by Paek Seung Hwan.