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A mysterious kidnapping case has polarized South Korea – a handwritten note from what appears to be a ruthless criminal has shown up, claiming that if citizens do not collectively pay up a ransom into a mysterious bank account, the kidnapper will kill a child they have taken hostage. But something appears to be amiss: Investigators uncover that the bank account is somehow linked to the social services sector. Policewoman Kim Ji Won (Ha Yun Kyung), who was motivated to join the force after being bullied as a child comes into contact with a social worker named Park Oh Soon (Park Ha Sun). Park Oh Soon is distraught, as a young girl she knows of is being abused by her violent parents, but she is unable to do anything to stop the young girl’s torment and the police will do nothing to help. Having lived through abuse as a child herself, Park Oh Soon empathizes with the child – compounding her misery. As the evidence begins to mount, suspicion begins to fall on Park Oh Soon, and Kim Ji Won must do her utmost to discover if the kidnapping is somehow linked to the social worker’s frustration that nothing can be done to halt the pain being inflicted on the young girl… “Go Back” is a 2020 South Korean movie that was written and directed by Seo Eun Young.