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As a journalist specializing in social news, Guo Jian Bo (Hao Lei) has dedicated herself to reporting on the most poignant social issues. But the mental and emotional trauma she suffers because of her work often takes its toll. Even so, Jian Bo is happy to sacrifice her own comfort for the sake of her daughter, Guo Wan Ting (Junxi Qu), knowing that in doing so, she’s providing Wan Ting with the best life possible. But even with her constant sacrifices, there’s only so much Jian Bo can do, which is why she relies heavily on the help of her retired mother, Ji Ming Lan (Elaine Jin). A well-known and respected member of the community, Ming Lan happily spends her days visiting friends and organizing local singing competitions. Warm and friendly with everyone she meets, Ming Lan seems able to get along with everyone except her daughter, Jian Bo. The daughters of two entirely different generations, Jiang Bo and Ming Lan are constantly at odds with each other, their clashes constantly catching Wan Ting in the crossfire. Yet the bonds of family that bind them prove stronger than any conflict. Despite their generational differences, each woman finds a glimmer of hope on the horizon as they set out in an unspoken quest to find reconciliation. But is peace possible when the obstacles that stand between them seem insurmountable? An emotional look at the mother-daughter relationship, “Spring Tide” is a 2019 melodramatic family film directed by Yang Lina.