The year is 1949 and China is in the final stages of a bloody civil war. The People’s Liberation Army knows that a final decisive push in the Battle of Pingjin will see much of Northern China fall under communist control. But the Nationalist Government forces are dug in deep, with a 500,000-strong force, and will not give in without a struggle. While the main battle rages, a human drama is also unfurling, and a senior Nationalist army soldier named Yao Zhe (Wallace Chung) in Peiping (modern-day Beijing) is charged with ensuring the safety of the soldiers’ dependents. But when a scheming officer compromises the safety of Yao Zhe’s daughter with a deadly and self-serving plan, Yao Zhe seeks to save his child – at any cost. In the course of doing so, however, Yao Zhe stumbles across a daring People’s Liberation Army mission spearheaded by a company commander named Cai Xing Fu (Zhou Yi Wei). Together with a tiny clutch of soldiers, Cai Xing Fu has sneaked into the city to scout out its defenses before a final assault on the Nationalist stronghold. He strikes up an unlikely alliance with Yao Zhe. To further complicate matters, a young woman named Mei Yan (Zhong Chu Xi) is also on the scene, on a secret mission of her own – to avenge the cruel soldier responsible for the death of her parents. Will this motley crew help keep the death toll down as the battle moves toward its decisive stages? And where do their true loyalties lie? “Liberation” is a 2019 Chinese movie that was directed by Li Shao Hong.