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As first year high school students, it didn’t take long for Shun Igawa (Hio Miyazawa) and Nagisa Hibino (Kisetsu Fujiwara) to become fast friends. Practically inseparable from the moment they met, the two friends quickly realized that the feelings they had for each other reached far beyond the boundaries of platonic friendship. From high school to university, the relationship between the two friends naturally blossomed into something beautiful. Unfortunately, their relationship wasn’t meant to last. Just before Shun’s university graduation, Nagisa announces that he can no longer see a future in which they are together. Leaving Shun heartbroken and alone, Nagisa cuts all ties with his friend and disappears completely. With no choice but to move on, Shun does exactly that. Leaving the city behind him, Shun moves to the countryside and opens his own shop. A loner through and through, Shun turns all of his attention to this work, eventually finding peace in his solitary country life. But that peace is shattered when, years after walking out of his life, Nagisa unexpectedly returns with his six-year-old daughter, Sora (Sakura Sotomura), in tow. Unable to turn Nagisa away, Shun welcomes his estranged friend and his daughter into his life. Now a part of each other’s lives once again, the feelings Shun and Nagisa once shared begin to resurface. Can a love once rejected bloom again or have both men missed their chance to find a happily ever after? A touching love story, “His” is a 2020 romance film directed by Rikiya Imaizumi.