Hold Me Back

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Mitsuko Kuroda (Nounen Rena) is 31-years-old and lives alone and is very happily single. She enjoys every moment of her life alone – but she never really feels alone because she has developed an alter-ego named A (Tomoya Nakamura) who dwells with her in her head. She has frequent conversations with A, who provides useful advice and sometimes berates her. Unfortunately, sometimes she has these conversations with A in public, leading to frequent misunderstandings! But when she meets a younger man, a salesman named Tada (Kento Hayashi), she suddenly starts to question if her single life really is all that great. With A’s advice – or perhaps despite it – she decides to explore her emotions for Tada, albeit in the most awkward manner imaginable! This film was based on a 2017 novel by the writer Rita Wataya. “Hold Me Back” is a 2020 Japanese romantic-comedy movie that was directed by Akiko Ohku.