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Miss Danger


On the outside, Ya Me (Xu Dong Dong), and her friends Yun Zhi, Ru Xin, and Ru Yi may seem like just another group of middle-aged women; but when it comes to these four, looks can be more than a little deceiving. All members of a secret group of special agents, dedicated to ridding the world of the criminal organizations that rule society’s dark underbelly, these four women have taken down some of the world’s most vile criminals. When word reaches Ya Me, that the leader of Southeast Asia’s largest human trafficking organization, Ba Song (Ye Xin Yu), is hosting a private banquet for a number of the world’s most powerful criminal masterminds, she knows exactly what needs to be done. Bringing Yun Zhi, Ru Xin, and Ru Yi in on the job, the four devise a plan to infiltrate the banquet and take down not only Ba Song, but his nefarious guests as well. With so much riding on this one job, the women know they can’t afford to make a mistake. With meticulous planning, the four agents successfully infiltrate the banquet; but even the best laid plans can be waylaid by the tiniest of mistakes. With the alarm soon raised, Ya Me and her team will have to rely on their skill and wits, if they hope to make it through the night alive. “Miss Danger” is a 2020 crime action film directed by Zeng Li.