Go Back to China

Go Back to China
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A recent fashion graduate living in LA, Sasha Li (Anna Akana) may be unable to find a job but that doesn’t stop her from living the high life. Happily living off a million dollar trust fund, gifted to her by her estranged father, Teddy Li (Richard Ng), Sasha hasn’t a care in the world. At least not until her father decides to cut her off from the money. Delivering his spoiled child an ultimatum, Sasha can either give up her lavish lifestyle and try to make it on her own, or she can return to Shenzhen for a year, and work for her father’s toy company. Eventually agreeing to her father’s terms, Sasha moves to China and begins working at her father’s factory. There she meets Carol (Lynn Chen), her older half-sister, and several younger siblings, all born from her father’s numerous affairs. Though disgusted by her father, Sasha finds a true friend in Carol and the two half-sisters form an unexpected bond. Supporting each other both at home and at work, Sasha and Carol take on the task of revamping and revitalizing the company; but things don’t go exactly as planned. With her family relationships in tatters, a despondent Shasha returns to LA, but she isn’t ready to admit defeat just yet. With renewed determination, she picks herself up and carries on, venturing down a path that will change both her and her family’s lives forever. A touching family drama with lots of love and laughter, “Go Back to China” is a 2019 film written and directed by Emily Ting.