Goodbye Mother

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Nau Van (Lanh Thanh) and his long-term boyfriend Ian (Vo Dien Gia Huy) live in America. They decide to travel back to their native Vietnam on the anniversary of Nau Van’s father’s death on a special mission: They will come out about their sexuality and tell them about the nature of their relationship. But that proves to be easier said than done. Nau Van is the first-born grandson of the family, and is expected to continue the family line. He initially introduces Ian as a “friend,” and the family quickly moves on to its favorite topic – trying to pressure Nau Van into a heterosexual marriage. Matters are complicated when a female cousin starts to take a shine to Ian, and Nau Van’s elderly grandmother, whose mind has begun to fail her, starts to insist that Ian is her grandson. Ian, meanwhile, is keen for Nau Van to come clean about their real reason for coming to Vietnam. Will Nau Van and Ian be able to tell the family about their love? And will they ever find true acceptance in their eyes? “Goodbye Mother” is a 2019 Vietnamese movie that was directed by Trinh Dinh Le Minh.