The Box

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Ji Hoon (Chanyeol) is a handsome and talented busker – a guitarist with powerful vocal skills and stage presence. There’s just one thing holding him back from pop success: He has overpowering stage fright, and dreads the notion of playing in front of crowds of people. The only way he can perform in public is by hiding himself inside a large box. Min Soo (Jol Dal Hwan) is a former music industry hotshot. However, he has had something of a fall from grace and now finds himself on the fringes of a business sector he used to wield huge power over. When he discovers Ji Hoon’s talent, he realizes that if he can just convince this prodigal young talent to come out of his shell – or box – he could have a major star on his hands. Min Soo resolves to take his chance. But the more he gets to know Ji Hoon, the more he discovers about himself. Will he succeed in helping Jo Hoon “break the box” – and take to the stage where everyone can see him, without his comfort-bringing prop? “The Box” is a 2021 South Korean movie that was written and directed by Yang Jung Woong.