Young Adult Matters

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Living with her younger sister, Se Jin (Lee Yoo Mi) doesn’t live a typical teenage life. Bullied at school for her self-destructive social media posts, Se Jin might have been bothered by the negative attention of her classmates, but in all honesty, it didn’t phase her in the least. In fact, nothing in life seems to bother her at all, not even the unexpected discovery that she’s pregnant. Fed up with the hassle of school and really, life in general, Se Jin decides to run away, leaving her little sister to fend for herself. Wandering the streets of Seoul, it doesn’t take long for Se Jin to meet fellow runaway, Joo Young (Hani). Immediately hitting it off, the two girls soon meet up with another pair of runaways who end up supporting each other through a series of unexpected and often brutal hardships. Tackling the dangers of life on the streets together, the four friends come to find that survival is anything but easy. Often bordering on the brink of desperation, will Se Jin ever find what it is she’s truly searching for? A thought provoking narrative rife with complex emotions, “Young Adult Matters” is a gritty 2020 youth drama film directed by Lee Hwan.