Lucky Grandma

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An eighty-year-old widow, living in New York City’s Chinatown, Grandma Wong (Tsai Chin) is not your typical matronly grandmother. A grouchy chain-smoking woman with a penchant for gambling, Grandma Wong has worked hard all her life, only to be left with nothing to show for it. On the verge of losing her apartment, Grandma Wong happens upon a fortune teller who assures her that October 28 will be the day her luck changes.  Encouraged by the fortune teller’s words, Grandma Wong decides to join a pensioners’ trip to Atlantic City. There she finds a bit of luck, unfortunately it doesn’t last long. Disappointed, Grandma heads back home, only to have fate show up in the most unexpected way. Suddenly presented with an opportunity too good to pass up, Grandma Wong finds herself in possession of a large sum of money which, until very recently, belonged to the Chinese Mafia. Anxious to get their money back, the mafia sends their goons to retrieve it, but Grandma’s no fool.  Hiring a “discount bodyguard” from a rival gang, who goes by the name Big Pong (Ha Hsiao Yuan), Grandma Wong refuses to let the money go without a fight. But in a showdown with the mafia, just how lucky can one grandma be? A humorous rough-and-tumble crime caper with the most unlikely of heroines, “Lucky Grandma” is the 2019 debut film of director Sasie Sealy.