Curtain Up!

Curtain Up!
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For more than ten years, the PS 124 theater club in New York City’s Chinatown has prided itself on its dedication to fostering a love of acting, dancing, and singing that will last its members a lifetime. The only Asian-American team to participate in the renowned Junior Theater Festival, the PS 124 theater club has earned the privilege of being one of the few schools selected to premiere the children's production of “Frozen”. Following along as the kids prepare for this highly anticipated show, we get a glimpse of what life is like for these aspiring thespians. Sharing the challenges they’ve faced, not only in theater, but in life in general, the members of this incredible club raise a number of challenging questions as they address issues such as identity, transition, and assimilation in ways only children can.  Spotlighting the challenges of growing up as Asian-American children in the US, “Curtain Up!” is an insightful and delightful 2021 documentary film directed by Hui Tong and Kelly Ng.