Soul Mate

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Childhood best friends July (Sandra Ma) and An Sheng (Zhou Dong Yu) think that their friendship will last forever. They are totally inseparable and have made bold plans together about how they will live as adults. But these plans are seemingly shattered forever when they turn 18 and meet (and subsequently fall in love with) Jia Ming (Li Cheng Bin). After a stormy love triangle, the two friends go their own separate ways, with July becoming a free-spirited drifter and An Sheng starting to live the mundane life of a big-city office worker. But the past eventually catches up with all three when An Sheng bumps into Jia Ming again by chance. Then, she discovers that a fictionalized account of her friendship with July has been published. She is reunited with July as she attempts to discover what happened – and discovers just how different July’s life since their teenage years has been from her own. Slowly they begin to explore the wounds of the past, and explore a secret they share, one they vowed never to tell a soul... “Soul Mate” is a 2016 Chinese movie that was based on a novel by Anni Baobei and directed by Derek Tsang.