Send Me to the Clouds

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Sheng Nan (Yao Chen) is over 30 and single – meaning many people in her native China consider her a “leftover woman,” someone who has little chance of getting married or having children. To make matters worse, she discovers she has ovarian cancer, and is short on money to fund the surgery she needs. She tries to put this right by finding a job as a ghostwriter for an older male millionaire who inhabits a massive mountainside mansion. Things get awkward when he appears to take an interest in her mother, who accompanies Sheng Nan on trips to the mansion. Meanwhile, Sheng Nan learns that the operation will make it difficult to feel any pleasure during physical intimacy, and becomes keen to explore her sexuality before undergoing surgery. She begins to wonder just who she wants to partner with, but starts to consider possible candidates, including a young male friend named Si Mao (Li Jiu Xiao). Will any of them prove worth enough for time begins to run out? “Send Me to the Clouds” is a 2019 Chinese movie that was directed by Teng Cong Cong.