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The sole heir to a vast fortune, Gao Ye (Aaron Kwok) literally had the world at his feet. But instead of investing in both his own future and that of his family, he chose the opposite. Unwilling to listen to reason or seek any sort of help, Gao Ye’s uncontrollable gambling addiction led him to utter ruin. Soon without wealth or family, Gao Ye lands himself in trouble, in more ways than one.  After a short stint in prison, Gao Ye finds himself a free man, but it doesn’t take long for him to return to his old life. Befriending a beautiful prostitute by the name of Momo (Yang Zi Shan), Gao Ye decides it’s time to reclaim the fortune he lost and reconnect with the daughter he left behind. Unfortunately the only way he can do either, is by returning to the dark world he had only just escaped. Diving deeper into the criminal underworld than he’s ever gone before, Gao Ye and Momo soon find themselves the target of some very powerful mobsters. Caught in a wildly spinning whirlwind of schemes and counter-schemes, Gao Ye and Momo quickly realize that this one night could very well be their last. Will their combined wit be enough to escape those attempting to hunt them down? Equal parts crime thriller and tragic romance, “One Night Only” is a 2016 action crime romance film directed by Matt Wu.