Everybody’s Fine

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Eagerly looking forward to his four children’s annual summer visit, recently widowed and retired geologist, Guan Zhi Guo (Zhang Guo Li), is bitterly disappointed when, one by one, his children call and cancel. Determined to make the most of his newfound freetime, Zhi Guo decides that rather than wait for his children to come visit him, he will instead, go visit them.  Setting out for Tianjin first, Zhi Guo is certain his youngest son, Hao (Chen He) will be happy to welcome him. Little does Zhi Guo know that Hao has been on assignment in Tibet for weeks and has yet to return. After waiting for Hao to no avail, Zhi Guo sets out for Hangzhou, to visit his eldest daughter, Qin (Yao Chen). Rather than being met by the happy family he expects, he finds his daughter miserably married to a man who clearly doesn’t deserve her. Met again with disappointment, Zhi Guo heads to Shanghai to visit his eldest son, Quan (Shawn Dou), only to discover that he too has failed to live up to his father’s expectations. With only one child left, Zhi Guo heads to Macau to visit his youngest daughter, Chu (Ye Quian Yun), but once again, he finds her living a life entirely different from the one he imagined for her. Realizing all his children have been hiding their true lives from him, Zhi Guo begins to wonder where things first went wrong. Will this patriarch be able to bring his family back together or have they all branched too far from the family tree? A heart-warming family comedy, “Everybody’s Fine” is a 2016 film directed by Zhang Yi Bai.