My Prince Edward



Zhang Li Fang (Stephy Tang) works in a wedding store in the busy Jindu Shopping Mall in Hong Kong. All day long, she is surrounded by people preparing their wedding ceremonies, trying on dresses, and choosing bouquets. And as she is still unmarried, she not only has to listen to constant questions and advice about when she, too, will marry. She has been in a relationship with Edward (Chu Pak Hong), the owner of a small wedding photography business, for the past seven years. The pair even live together, so Zhang Li Fang often wonders what the point of a wedding would be if it won’t change their lives much. But eventually, after a lot of pressure from Edward’s mother the two agree to marry. Unfortunately, there’s one big hitch… Although Zhang Li Fang has accepted Edward’s very public proposal, she discovers that a minor indiscretion from the past appears to have come back to bite her. Back when she was desperate for money to escape some family difficulties, she and an acquaintance agreed to marry on paper for financial reasons. But while she expected that the marriage would have been dissolved automatically after a few years, this turns out not to be the case. With the clock ticking down to her wedding with Edward, can Zhang Li Fang did herself out of the predicament? And more importantly, does she really want to? “My Prince Edward” is a 2019 Hong Kong movie that was written and directed by Huang Qi Lin.