Inn and noodle eatery owner Yang Bai Wan (Chen Xi Xu) is in quite a pickle: He is impotent. And he is also fairly sure that his flirtatious wife Ma Li Lian (Gao Ye) is having an affair. Yang Bai Wan has been spending his hard-earned money on a shady impotence remedy and therapy program operated by a self-proclaimed health practitioner named Bi Jian Xiao (Cao Rui). But when people start telling him that his fears about Ma Li Lian’s infidelity are correct, Yang Bai Wan decides to hire to have her killed. Bi Jian Xiao decides to do the job himself, with disastrous consequences. When Ma Li Lian fights back against her assailant and appears to have killed the assassin, chaos ensues as the married couple attempts to dispose of what they think is the body. The mayhem intensifies when a policeman on the very last night shift of his career steps onto the scene. The cop not only has to deal with the fallout of the motel incident, but also must deal with another mystery: A strange couple ostensibly on a blind date that has gone terribly wrong, with both parties telling very different stories... “Absurd Accident” is a 2017 Chinese movie that was directed by Li Yu He.