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In Shanghai, Gao Chun (Qin Hao), a man mourning the death of his father, accepts a delivery job for an unsavory business owner – he must deliver some suspicious cargo to a far-flung destination by boat. Using his family’s old vessel, he sets sail up the Yangtze River from Shanghai at night, catching sight of a beautiful and mysterious-looking woman as he leaves port. In the cabin, he finds a strange book full of anonymous poetry and cryptic references to the river and the towns on its banks. When he docks for a while at Jiangyin, en route to Suzhou, he goes ashore and meets a woman named An Lu (Xin Zhi Lei), whom he recognizes as the same woman he saw at the port of Shanghai… Strangely, he meets (and has a fling with) An Lu again next time his boat pulls into harbor at another town. And this keeps happening every time he comes ashore – only each time he meets her, she has a new identity. Bit by bit, he realizes that her fate is somehow intertwined with that of the river, and the poems in the book. But when the boat comes to a point where a huge dam has diverted the river’s course, he suddenly realizes that she is nowhere to be found at any of the ports he now pulls into. Will Gao Chun ever be reunited with An Lu? And will he unlock her secrets, those of the poems...and those of the mighty river? “Crosscurrent” is a 2016 Chinese movie that was directed by Chao Yang.