Didi’s Dreams

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Didi (Dee Hsu) is an aspiring actress and also the less conventionally beautiful sister of Lingling (Lin Chi Ling), who is also an actress. The two sisters have a tense and adversarial relationship after a falling out many years ago. Their frosty standoff has been made worse by the fact that Lingling has a highly successful career, while Didi certainly cannot claim the same. While Lingling is winning roles in new blockbuster movies, Didi is scrabbling about trying to get work as an extra or playing a bit part in a commercial for stomach medicine – where she is obliged to play the role of a germ. She attends a whole range of other demeaning auditions, chaffered around on an electric scooter by her boyfriend (Jin Shi Jia), who works at a convenience store. In her remarkable dream life, she finds herself aboard a space station where the dishy astronaut known only as 49 (Li Zi Feng) sends her heart aflutter. But when she discovers she has a brain tumor that could claim her life with the space of a year, she decides to make a fist of her remaining time. It’s a decision that could lead her to fulfill her acting dreams and perhaps even cross paths with her sister again, while her dreams become ever more vivid... “Didi’s Dreams” is a 2017 Taiwanese movie that was directed by Kevin Tsai.