My People, My Homeland



Catch a glimpse into the lives of various people across China as they explore what makes their communities so unique in this humorous collection of short stories. In director Ning Hao’s “A Beijing Good Person”, a sweet-natured Beijing resident (Ge You) finds himself in mixed-up, body-swapping caper, after resorting to identity fraud, in a last-ditch attempt to help his uninsured uncle get the medical attention he so desperately needs.  Chen Sicheng’s “A Mystery of UFO” tells the story of a pair of scientists and a reporter who team up to investigate the rumors of a UFO which appeared in Afu Village, deep in the heart of Qiannan, Guizhou. In “The Way Back to Hometown”, directors Chao Deng and Baimei Yu team up to tell the story of a pair of corporate bigwigs who return to their small hometown to take part in a special celebration. While there, the two find their feelings for each other have begun to change. Da-Mo Peng and Fei Yan’s “The Magical Touches” tells the story of a man who goes to great lengths to convince his wife that he’s studying art in Russia, when in reality, he returned to his hometown to help out. Little does he know, his wife has plans to visit his hometown soon. By far the most emotional of the stories, Xu Zheng’s “The Last Class” tells the story of Lao Fan, a teacher who has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Convinced he’s living in the past, students of this beloved teacher go to great lengths to help him relive his glory days. An entertaining collection of short films, “My People, My Homeland” is a 2020 anthology comedy film directed by some of China’s most highly acclaimed filmmakers.