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Bao Bao (Chang Yuan) is a piano teacher and a neatness- and hygiene-obsessed man who spends almost every waking moment cleaning, ironing, straightening, and disinfecting everything he comes into contact with. Horrified by everything dirty, untidy, or potentially germ-ridden, he has an innate disdain for everything that looks even remotely unsterile. One day, while riding his bicycle through town, he runs into a young woman riding a motor scooter named Song Wen Nuan (Li Qin). She turns out to be everything he isn’t: Although she is also a musician (a singer and guitarist), she loves mess and the comfort of her own disorder, as well as performing in front of large crowds. The two get off on the wrong foot, with both trying to reform the other. But after a while, they decide to collaborate, forming a musical duo, and trying out at a talent contest. What follows for both parties is a journey of discovery: Bao Bao revisits his childhood, and the tragic accident that sent him into his obsessive-compulsive world. And as they finally begin to achieve some degree of musical success, they start to develop a bond of friendship. But will this relationship really help Bao Bao shed the habits of a lifetime? “Warm Hug” is a 2020 Chinese movie that was written and directed by Chang Yuan.