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Poon Shing Fung (Andy Lau) is one of the Hong Kong police force’s most brilliant bomb disposal. When he and his team discover a deadly device at a public site, the stakes are high. Despite his team’s efforts to defuse the device, it detonates, leaving him with crippling injuries. Distraught, he leaves the force. But several years later, a gang of terrorist bombers named Vendetta is on the loose. When the police find Poon Shing Fung unconscious at the site of a Vendetta attack, they investigate, suspecting him of turning terrorist and joining the group. But Poon Shing Fung’s memory has been badly affected by the blast – he cannot clearly recall if he is indeed a member of Vendetta or an undercover cop trying to take the organization down. He also cannot remember his years as a police officer. What ensues is a deadly battle between police officers – including Pong Ling (Ni Ni), Poon Shing Fung’s ex-girlfriend and the head of the Counter-Terrorism Response Unit and his former bomb disposal partner Tung Cheuk Man (Sean Lau) – and the terrorists. When Vendetta hatches a plan to detonate a small nuclear-powered device named Davy Crockett in the city, this trio might be Hong Kong’s only hope of salvation. But where do Poon Shing Fung’s loyalties really lie? “Shock Wave 2” is a 2020 Hong Kong movie that was written and directed by Herman Yau.