You're So Precious to Me

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Living as a loner his entire life, Jae Shik (Jin Goo) has never bothered to worry about anyone other than himself. Constantly short on cash, he has no scruples when it comes to making money. Whatever the job, whatever the scheme, he’s ready and willing to take it, so long as it pays off in the end. So when an opportunity to score some serious cash presents itself, he doesn’t let it pass him by. Little does he know, the decision to do so will change his life forever. Too young to understand the tragedy that has befallen her, Eun Hye (Jung Seo Yeon) has no idea that her life has changed forever. Both blind and deaf, Eun Hye has one in the world willing to step in to care for her; at least not until Jae Shik arrives. Hoping to collect a hefty sum as the caregiver of a disabled child, Jae Shik willingly takes on the role of Eun Hye’s “father”. But life with Eun Hye turns out to be very different than what he imagined. Finding ways to communicate with Eun Hye, the walls Jae Shik has built around himself slowly begin to break down. Learning to care for someone other than himself, both Jae Shik and Eun Hye’s lives are changed forever. But will this change be enough to keep them together once the truth behind his actions is brought to light? A touching story from start to finish, “You are So Precious to Me” is a 2021 family drama film directed by Lee Chang Won and Kwon Sung Mo.