After graduating with a degree in hotel tourism and management, Yoo Da Hee (Lee Ga Eun) quickly landed a job as a concierge at a local motel. Quickly realizing there was more to the job than she had initially imagined, Da Hee decided to make the most of her often-times difficult position by capitalizing on some of her most interesting workplace experiences. Running a podcast on her off-hours, Da Hee decides to start secretly sharing some of her most bizarre work experiences. From innocent fun to raunchy and racy, Da Hee has a plethora of stories to share and her listeners can’t seem to get enough.  Broadcasting only at night, Da Hee shares her experiences with the world but the more she shares, the more likely it is that someone will discover what she’s been doing. Will her podcast eventually lead to her undoing? An omnibus of offbeat stories, “Motelier” is a 2020 romantic comedy film directed by Lee Jung Hoon.