Please Enlighten Me

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Gu Wei (Xu Fang Zhou) is a hard-working doctor in a busy hospital ward that specializes in internal medicine. He is tall and handsome, but has never had a girlfriend – despite the fact that he has no shortage of admirers among his female colleagues. But one day, his life is turned upside down when a middle-aged man is admitted with stomach cancer. The man’s family comes to attend to him: his wife and his young daughter Lin Zhi Xiao (Chen Yi Han). The latter is a budding music student on the cusp of graduation. When Gu Wei and Lin Zhi Xiao first lay eyes on one another, they are both instantly smitten. Their paths continue to cross – both at the hospital and outside. Little by little, they start to reveal their true feelings for one another. But their fledgling romance faces a potential stumbling block when Lin Zhi Xiao’s fast-recovering father attempts to set her up on a date with one of Gu Wei’s younger coworkers! Will true love win the day? “Please Enlighten Me” is a 2021 Chinese movie that was based on a novel by Bo Lin Shi Jiang and directed by Lu Ying.