Detective of Ming Dynasty

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Tasked with escorting priceless treasures to Beijing, the two Shanxi generals, Qu Wei and Du Gu Jiu set out, completely unaware that in doing so, they had just sealed their doom. Murdered en route, news of the generals’ deaths spreads throughout the land, but who might be responsible for their deaths remains a mystery. But when the generals’ famed sword, “Meng Lao” suddenly appears in the hands of the Jiang Hu thief, Lu Kun (Ding Yi Sen), the mystery of their deaths begins to unravel. Or does it? Adamant about his innocence, Lu Kun seeks the help of a detective by the name of Mu Bin (Zhong Zheng). Placing his fate in Mu Bin’s hands, Lu Kun trusts that the detective will be able to catch the real killer before it’s too late. With only three days in which to solve the case, Mu Bin is determined to uncover the truth, but the task proves anything but easy. Following one clue after another, Mu Bin begins to realize that there are much darker forces at work. With time quickly running out, Mu Bin must rely on every ounce of strength, cunning, and courage he has, if he’s going to bring the true criminals to justice. Will he be able to uncover the truth in time, or will an innocent man suffer another’s worst fate? A thrilling tale of mystery, “Detective of Ming Dynasty” is a 2019 historical crime film directed by Wu Jun Xian.