Hijra: In Between

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Being two very different people, no one would have ever thought that He Xi Zhen (Diane Lin) and Liu Wang Ting (Pipi Yao) would ever become friends. In fact, with both of them harboring a crush on their classmate, Wen Hao Sheng (Greg Han), it seemed more likely that they two would become mortal enemies. However, that simply wasn’t the case. Their equal love of Hao Sheng only served to draw the two girls closer together. Eventually becoming best friends, Xi Zhen and Wang Ting were practically inseparable. Even after Hao Sheng made it clear that he had romantic feelings for Wang Ting, the two friends remained close. Trading a romantic relationship for an unwavering friendship, Xi Zhen slowly made her way out of the love triangle, leaving Wang Ting and Hao Sheng free to start dating. Even as the two grew closer, Wang Ting was always there, loving and supporting her two best friends. But when an unexpected accident sends Wan Ting to the hospital, a critical decision has to be made. Years later, the friend who had suddenly disappeared from Xi Zhen and Hao Sheng’s lives is back, but something’s different. Will the three once-inseparable friends be able to pick up where they left off or will the time passed and changes made drive them further apart? A story of love and friendship, “Hijra: In Between” is a 2018 romance drama directed by Mi Chieh Tsai.