A Complete Life

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Forced to flee the country more than ten years ago, the once-mighty gangster, Wu Shuang Chuan (Ku Pao Ming), has finally decided it’s time to return home. But the warm welcome he had often dreamed of receiving quickly proved to be nothing more than empty hope and wasted wishes. Returning home, Shuang Chuan is greeted not by his family, but by the harshest realities of life, namely that during his absence, his wife has died of cancer and that his once happily married son, Wu Huai Wen (Sun Peng), is now a divorced father struggling to maintain a relationship with his rebellious son, Wu Yi Heng (Yan Yu Lin).  With no one around to care for him in his advanced years, Shuang Chuan resigns himself to living in a nursing home. Despite convincing himself he’s doomed to spend the remainder of his life alone and miserable, Shuang Chuan eventually befriends Mei Chiao (Winnie Chang), a younger woman who often stops by the nursing home to visit with the residents. As the two spend time together, an unexpected love begins to bloom. Excited to share this news with his son, Shuang Chuan pays Huai Wen a visit, only to discover that he’s been living with James (Vince Kao), a man who claims to be Huai Wen’s “close friend”. Realizing what’s really going on, Shuang Chuan doesn’t know what to think. As the three strong-willed generations of the Wu family collide, sparks inevitably fly; but with time, patience, and a little understanding, each comes to learn a number of valuable lessons about love, friendship, and family. A heartfelt story of love and family, “A Complete Life” is a 2021 family drama film directed by Feng Chu.